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Learning and Doing

It’s been a while since I made an update, so I thought I’d give another insight into my tiny brain. I’ve been up to the following over the last few weeks, my holiday to Ireland (the island) notwithstanding. Ooh, that reminds me; I need to bake some Guinness bread…

I’ve been a busy wee bee for the last few weeks, doing far too many things at once:

  • Jobhunting
  • Writing
  • Coding

Update on my work status: I’ve been made redundant, to finish at the end of this month. I am currently job hunting (and polishing my CV every few days), with all the accompanying stress of talking to recruiters. Then there’s the realisation that I’ll probably be taking a customer-facing, nippy-about role while I work on my dev skills, coupled with the fact that my settlement payment will probably get blown in one go on either clearing my debts (except the car) or adding to the house deposit.

Update on my writing: for most of the month, I’ve written next to nothing. I didn’t write a single word for Camp NaNoWriMo, and I can’t find it in myself to feel bad about that. Over the bank holiday weekend, I sat and wrote in my notebook while I was waiting for SQL server to un-fubar itself, and accidentally wrote six pages that I have yet to finish typing up.

Update on my coding: I have got off my backside and installed some dev tools on my laptop, largely because there aren’t any trainee developer jobs going that aren’t scams where you have to pay and don’t get a job at the end. In view of that, I clearly need to focus on building up my skills from ‘recognises the language when she sees it’ to ‘can actually develop apps in this biatch’ with accompanying portfolio evidence.

Overall: I don’t feel very relaxed right now, and the dishes in the sink reflect that rather well. Of course, being ordered by your seven-year-old to refrain from drinking alcohol on odd-numbered days (with the sole exceptions of Christmas and New Year) doesn’t help either: I had a *lot* of tea yesterday. On the other hand, I’ll feel even less relaxed when I’m unemployed, so that’s a dose of perspective I suppose.

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