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Two Kinds of Language

Writing an application to write my novel in while outlining my novel wasn’t the most efficient thing I’ve ever done…

So far, I’m still getting stuck on the interface. I think I need to suck it up and refresh my JavaScript, so that I can hide the divs as I finish with them. After the elements are actually in place, I can work on loading and saving, and then I can faff about with trying to put it into a desktop container so I can write to/read from files.

I know what I want it to do; I just need to write it. The amount of JS that seems to require is fairly frightening.

Is it possible to combine JS and PHP? I’m confident in my ability to produce a desktop application in the latter; it’s the former that worries me.

*some quick googling later* yes, I can. So; let’s keep it simple. JS for the page elements (frontend) and PHP for the processing (backend). We’ll see how horrifically slow this makes it after I’ve put it all together.

Looks like I will spend next weekend (I’m away this one) putting my application together.

Ironically, at the moment the actual outline is going much more smoothly; by focusing on one chunk at a time I’ve managed to avoid losing interest.

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