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Ready, Set, Go for a cuppa!

I finished my novel outline (yay!) and got approximately nowhere with the outlining application (boo!), but I’ve managed to pick up just enough JS to track my writing… though I can’t log it yet.

From the outline, it looks like I’ll be writing a 120k-plus beast, so I’ve decided to try and write it in three months flat #likeanidiot

Added to my new job (many minutes of travel required for commute) starting next week, and the ridiculous heat (I can’t exist properly outside a very narrow climatic band, and 18°-minimum days are beginning to take their toll), and moving house (not yet; this moves glacially slow it turns out), that’s a tall order.

On the other hand, I have the most minute detail I’ve ever included in an outline, and I actually like this story (for now; no promises). My daydreamed future posits this as the first book I ever publish, so that’s a good omen, right?

For now, it looks like I just need to get going: apply BICHOK, take regular tea-and-cake breaks, and bash out a few k per day #unachievableGoals

…and maybe spend a few minutes here and there on writing an application so I don’t have a mile-long Word document. Maybe.

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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury Cait @ Paper Fury

    Ahh congrats SO MUCH on finishing your outline!! I just finished one today today. *flails* Mine ended up really detailed and MUCH longer than I anticipated. I’m in trouble haha. But better a thorough outline to prevent writers block I think. Good luck with squeezing writing in amongst everything else!!

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