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An Unexpected Holiday

Today was a day I expected to be working… but the great morass that is childcare has used up one of my remaining one-and-a-half holidays as the council and the (new) school didn’t seem to want to do anything before the end of the summer holidays.

I debated getting up early and writing… but staying up late last night (on Tuesdays I can watch whatever I like on TV) took its toll, so I rolled out of bed around nine-ish. Now I have various chores to do (including a trip up to the old house to collect small person’s remaining books and toys) and enough to keep me busy until this evening.

That being said, this is a priceless opportunity to write tonight, as the other half will want his own TV/gaming time, and there’s nothing stopping me making dinner via slow cooker, which means that once I get the boring snoring housework done, I can get writing.

Today’s goal: 500 words. Nothing fancy, just beginning the ramp up to 2k per day #NaNoWriMo requirement, which after four (!) months of next to nothing requires some adjustment. The fact that I no longer have a job that requires a lot of typing doesn’t help (lol) so I also need to plan out the possibility of taking my laptop into the office to type on at lunchtime.
Besides not writing, I’ve been on a solid reading kick lately. I’ve just blasted through my space opera favourites, and am gradually acquiring paperback copies of some fantasies which look /so/ pretty on the shelf I might skip my TBR to reread them *slaps self on wrist*

Having moved house, and pared down the 1000+ books to … approximately 500+ books, I still have a rockin’ great TBR list, which /in theory/ will keep me nice and busy in the run-up to Christmas. In practice, well, I have a fully stamped £10 off Waterstones card, so I doubt my TBR will go without expansion in the near future.

Another development is that small person has taken to reading independently – enough that he is requesting books in the 8-12 category, which just so happens to include some of my absolute favourites. It also gives us a platform (read: excuse) to keep up with the latest offerings in that category.

My other half has said there’s a database he wants me to put together for him, which I would love to do, but he hasn’t yet deigned to give me a specification of any kind, so I’m largely sputtering in irritation at the structure of our standard app database at work. WHY are some things laid out so badly? And that doesn’t even get me started on the UI – which looks nice and consistent but isn’t remotely flexible. How long will it take them to accept a relative approach to sizing (hint: columns) instead of absolute?

What else…? Moving house, moving school, moving job… I haven’t been writing, though I *have* at least managed to consolidate a lot of my ideas and plans into a single linked file, which will be an absolute banger to move into any kind of upgradeable format. My hope is that I find the motivation to pull my finger out and develop the application I’ve designed for worldbuilding purposes… before I die of old age.

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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury Cait @ Paper Fury

    Good luck with the writing and building up to 2K a day!! I’m really hopeless at writing everyday so I don’t even try anymore. And that’s great that your small one is into reading!! I live for the day my nephew (he’s 6 now) will be old enough for Lemony Snicket because eeeep. So many good memories!

    So glad you got an unexpected holiday.

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