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I am probably not sensible at all

I have been building up a TBR for about two years now. The behemoth pile/shelving invasion of books I have *paid money for* but not yet read has now grown to frightening proportions.

In an effort to combat this, I have decided to issue myself a challenge: I will read every. Single. One. By my birthday. In March. I have 80 days (including today) to read 60 books… all of which are spec fic.

This week, it’s these ones which I took away with me for Christmas and never took out of the suitcase:

I’ll start as soon as I finish typing, which will *theoretically* get me onto book 2 by this evening. If I don’t let silly distractions like preparing for work tomorrow get in my way.

We’ll see how long I can keep this up (there are a couple of heavyweights on the shelf):

Full list is here

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