About Me

I’m a writer, reader, editor, and speculator-in-chief (in my own head, at least). I’ve dreamed of being a full-time writer for years, but only recently (2015) have I begun to put in the work required to achieve that.

I tend to hop between stories as they interest me (or characters ambush me in the shower), though now and again I do make a concerted effort to work on only one for a set period of time.

I work by day for a software company, doing projects, admin, accounts, purchasing… anything that isn’t development. I’m also Top Nerd on one of our products, so I get buried in support requests for that (joke – the support is a lot easier than customising it for our customers).

By night, I go home and roam around my imagination, usually accompanied by a glass (or can or bottle) of something alcoholic, and occasionally come out long enough to cook some food.